Welcome to a new website for Acton Hill Church!

This is for visitors and members alike, to give a snapshot of what is happening at church and in our community.

Being on a busy street corner it is easy to walk by this church without even guessing at the warmth inside, and we can all do a better job at letting the secret out.  It is a place with much laughter, great diversity, and genuine Christian faith.  In busy lives, we need space for quiet support in  worship, for prayer together and play with our children or development of our faith.  We need places where we can make and listen to music, or give something back to our community.  This is what Acton Hill is all about!

Recently we asked a budding local designer, Madeleine Spring, to design a logo for the church and you see it above: the hill speaks of our location here, and the leaf links to the acorn which is Acton’s symbol. With the cross at our heart we are rooted deeply in this community and rooted deeply in God’s love.  Madeleine knows this church well having been part of it many years, and we are very glad to have her vision which the church council has chosen as part of our public face.

Christian faith is a marathon, not a sprint.  It is a pleasure to share it in this place with wise and generous elders in the faith, and others just beginning.  May we continue to grow in Christ, together! – The Revd Dr Jennifer H Smith